November 8-10, 2019
Box Scores
Year: Game:
Nose Face Killahs2215
The Jerry Hat Tricks2002
Scoring Summary
1st period
The Jerry Hat Tricks 9:07 Paul Huxel (Bryan Marble)
Nose Face Killahs 7:25 Ryan Williams
The Jerry Hat Tricks 5:16 Mike Stuart (Paul Huxel)
Nose Face Killahs 0:10 Matt St. Hilaire (Mitchell Luti)
2nd period
Nose Face Killahs 7:55 Liam Brenner (Kevin Lane)
Nose Face Killahs 2:07 Ryan Williams (Jennie Young)
3rd period
Nose Face Killahs 6:22 Matt St. Hilaire (Mitchell Luti)
Penalty Summary
1st period
Nose Face Killahs hooking - 1.5 min 2:55 Ben Kauffman
2nd period
Nose Face Killahs interference - 1.5 min 6:53 Mitchell Luti
3rd period
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